September IIS Community Newsletter

For the latest news and happenings in the IIS community over the past month, be sure to check out the September edition of the IIS Community Newsletter: Make sure you don’t miss an edition and get it delivered directly to your inbox.  You can subscribe at the link below. Thank you.

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DNS 101

The Internet is still a mystery to many people.  The goal of this post is to explain the Domain Name System (DNS) in simple terms to help more people gain an understanding.  The Internet is a worldwide network of computers and devices that share information.  In this network all devices and resources are accessed by IP addresses.  The simplicity of

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IIS8 Memory Improvements

There is a lot of buzz in the Internet Information Services (IIS) community about IIS 8, the version of IIS that is included with Windows Server 2012.  While there are plenty of new features in IIS 8, for this writing I am going to focus on the memory improvements that you will see for the application pools.  Memory is a key resource on

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