Unable to initialize virtual disk

Virtualization continues to mature and has become an extremely viable solution for both businesses and individuals to have their own virtual server.  Costs of servers have dramatically decreased as the back-end hardware costs are shared across a number of users. With that being said, there are some obscure issues that arise on virtual servers.  One of those such issues is

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Securely Transmit a Secret [password]

“Help, Dick, Help!” exclaimed Sally.  “I lost my password” “Look, Jane, Look,” said Dick.  “I emailed you your password.” Jane sees her password. Everybody sees her password. Jane is sad.  Dick is sad. Transmitting secret information, such as a password, to a user across the Internet is often mishandled.  One common way is to send the password through email.  While

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Managing ASP.Net Membership Users and Roles

ASP.Net Membership was first introduced in ASP.Net 2.0 and is relatively easy to implement in your web application.  As it has evolved there have been changes that add more features and extensibility but have obscured some of the basic tools needed to easily manage it.  The ability to easily add users and roles to an initial implementation is one task I recently encountered that is difficult

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