Quick Tip: Lync Persistent Chat Room Sounds

Persistent chat rooms are a great feature of Lync allowing consistent rooms to be available for each of your teams.  This also allows them to configure the rooms one time to have a unique audio notification for each room.


To set this, you first need to ensure that you have it configured on a global level.   Go into your Lync Options and look at your Persistent Chat settings.  You want to make sure that the box is checked to ‘Play this sound’ when a new message arrives.


That will force all your persistent chat rooms to have the same sound.  If you would like to customize the sound for a specific room, open the room and click the ellipsis in the lower right corner and select ‘Change Notification Settings.’  Change this to Customize settings and select a different sound under ‘Play this sound.’


If sounds are still not working for you, there is one important step that you need to take.  In your main Lync program window, you will see the chat rooms that you are a member of.  Right click each room that you want sound notifications for and follow the room.  Your sounds should start working.  If you don’t follow the room you won’t get any persistent chat notifications.