Windows Update Through WSUS Breaks After Cloning Server

In today’s rapid world of Information Technology, there is an increased demand to quickly spin up servers.  If you deploy Windows servers from a template or cloning, however, there is an issue that can show up when trying to patch these servers when using Windows Server Update Services (WSUS). The biggest symptom that I encountered was the server disappears from

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How to Test Windows Server Crashes, Hangs, and Kernel Memory Leaks

An often overlooked responsibility of any good systems administrator is testing as many aspects as possible of a production environment before there is an issue.  These tests help ensure that everything is functioning as expected. Here is a common list of tasks that should be tested on a regular basis: Restores – To ensure that your backups are working properly,

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Securely Transmit a Secret [password]

“Help, Dick, Help!” exclaimed Sally.  “I lost my password” “Look, Jane, Look,” said Dick.  “I emailed you your password.” Jane sees her password. Everybody sees her password. Jane is sad.  Dick is sad. Transmitting secret information, such as a password, to a user across the Internet is often mishandled.  One common way is to send the password through email.  While

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