IIS8 Memory Improvements

There is a lot of buzz in the Internet Information Services (IIS) community about IIS 8, the version of IIS that is included with Windows Server 2012.  While there are plenty of new features in IIS 8, for this writing I am going to focus on the memory improvements that you will see for the application pools.  Memory is a key resource on

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Which application pool is it?

If you are running multiple web sites on your IIS web server you will eventually need to know which worker process is associated with a particular application pool.  It may be for baseline information or troubleshooting but at one point or another you will need to cross reference an application pool to a w3wp worker process. Opening up Task Manager

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Orchard Memory Usage

I recently spent some time working with some coworkers to track down an Orchard performance issue.  We found it was caused by some memory restrictions on the application pool.  I wrote about it on another blog site where I am also a guest blogger. You can find the entire post here:  http://bradkingsley.com/orchard-memory-usage-and-performance/  

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