Enabling Failed Request Tracing

Occasionally I get questions on how to troubleshoot intermittent issues in IIS.  One example is an intermittent 500 status code and another example is a slow page load.  In IIS7 and later there is a simple module that you can install as part of IIS called Failed Request Tracing (FREB). Using Failed Request Tracing you can easily configure it to

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Tips for Classic ASP Development on IIS 7

While ASP.Net has been out for many years and reached a level of maturity, Classic ASP continues to be a popular choice for website developers.  While troubleshooting an issue recently I came across this blog post that has good information that is still pertinent if you are hosting your Classic ASP site on IIS 7 or later: http://blogs.iis.net/bills/archive/2007/05/21/tips-for-classic-asp-developers-on-iis7.aspx Rick is

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