I was troubleshooting an issue today using Failed Request Tracing (FREB) and I kept getting LOG_FILE_MAX_SIZE_TRUNCATE before I could find the root cause of the issue. I came across a post with information on how to change the default size of the FREB log file and find the issue. cd /d “%windir%\system32\inetsrv” appcmd set config /section:sites -siteDefaults.traceFailedRequestsLogging.maxLogFileSizeKB:1024 You will note

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Recycling IIS6 and IIS7 Application Pool With Powershell

I recently came across a need to automatically recycle an application pool.  I have a VBScript version in my archive of scripts but I’m trying to convert everything over to PowerShell. Here’s a working PowerShell snippet that works for recycling IIS7.x application pools.  APPPOOLNAME needs to be replaced with the actual name of the application pool and SERVERNAME needs to

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Tips for Classic ASP Development on IIS 7

While ASP.Net has been out for many years and reached a level of maturity, Classic ASP continues to be a popular choice for website developers.  While troubleshooting an issue recently I came across this blog post that has good information that is still pertinent if you are hosting your Classic ASP site on IIS 7 or later: Rick is

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